Recipes from Long Island’s Locavore Restaurants

What goes better with a glass of Long Island wine than a meal made from fresh, locally-grown food? Nothing, we think.

Hamptons and Long Island Homegrown CookbookIf you have any interest in eating locally grown food when you are visiting Long Island’s wine country you owe it to yourself to check out our good friend Leeann Lavin’s book The Hamptons and Long Island Homegrown Cookbook. She is in love with the East End of Long Island and knows it well.

Leeann delights in sharing her knowledge of the area, its chefs and their restaurants. In her book she has interviewed 27 chefs who use Long Island’s cornucopia of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, fowl and livestock and shares some of their favorite recipes from their restaurants. The profiles alone are worth the price of the book; the recipes are a happy bonus.

One of those profiled is Joe Realmuto, the long-time chef at East Hampton’s Nick & Toni’s. Leeann and Joe were interviewed together on the “Sharp & Hot” radio program by chef Emily Peterson (episode 77). Chef Joe talks about the kitchen garden he has grown behind his restaurant and how he transforms the wonderful produce into great dishes that he serves to his customers. Leeann discusses the exciting local food movement that is found on the Island.

The Hamptons and Long Island Homegrown Cookbook retails for $30 but can be found on Amazon for just $22.62. You can follow Leeann on Twitter (@chefsgardens) and her blog on

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  1. Leeann June 19, 2015 at 2:42 am #

    Homegrown Hugs! Thank you so very much for this splendid feature on the #Hamptons & Long Island #Homegrown Cookbook. The Heritage Radio Network interview with me/author & chef extraordinaire – Joseph Realmuto from East Hampton’s iconic Nick & Toni’s restaurant was fun, interesting, informative, and tasty… Keep serving up the special Long Island Wines, Hamptons Wine Club. Cheers!

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