Osprey’s Dominion 2009 Cabernet Franc

Osprey's Dominion Cabernet Franc Label

An October 2014 Hamptons Wine Club Long Island Wine Selection

Many who know me are aware that cabernet franc is my favorite grape grown for Long Island wine.  And Adam Suprenant, winemaker at Osprey’s Dominion for many years, certainly has the background for working with the grape.  After getting his degree at UC Davis he spent time training at one of the great first-growth vineyards in Bordeaux, Chateau Lafite-Rothschild.

So I was definitely looking forward to popping the cork on October’s shipment of Suprenant’s 2009 Cabernet Franc.  And, once again, I wasn’t disappointed.  This is a blend of cabernet franc (88%) and merlot (12%).  In the glass the wine has a rich ruby color.  Immediately after opening we could smell brambly blackberries.  As the bottle was open for a while this changed more to leather.  (It’s fun to compare one’s notes to the winemaker’s description: “aromas of raspberry with subtle notes of cinnamon spice and summer herbs” — not too far apart!)

The wine also delivered in the mouth.  We noted chocolate and berries with a hint of green peppers.  It was pleasingly fruity.  As the wine opened up we thought we picked up something we could only identify as mushrooms.  Although this wine was aged for 14 months in French oak, we didn’t find any oaky overtones.  It is a full-bodied wine that opened up quickly and was enjoyable to the last drop.

Although you could continue to cellar this wine, you will not go wrong by opening it soon with a nice steak.  It is a good “winter wine” that will warm you up when there is a chill (or a polar vortex) in the air.

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