Raphael 2013 Riesling

Raphael 2013 Riesling

A November 2014 Hamptons Wine Club Long Island Wine Selection

In November we’ve decided to feature several wines (a sauvignon blanc and a cabernet blend) crafted by winemaker Anthony Nappa.  We’ve already reviewed his 2013 Sauvignon Blanc released under his own label.  Nappa is also the winemaker for Raphael, a vineyard owned by the Petrocelli family and a winery we have featured earlier this year.

Raphael produced two rieslings in 2013: their “First Label” Riesling which is made in a drier style and the regular Riesling which is in a more familiar semi-sweet style.  We chose their “regular” Riesling as our main white selection for November.  It makes a nice contrast to the Paumanok Dry Riesling we shipped in October.

The Raphael 2013 Riesling has a nice light golden or straw color in the glass.  It is quite fragrant.  It is very floral, perhaps with notes of orange blossom.  There also seemed to be a hint of petrol on the nose, typical for rieslings.

In the mouth, the wine is on the light side.  It is “medium” sweet; thought definitely not dry, it doesn’t become cloyingly sweet like some other rieslings we’ve tasted.  There is a hint of tartness on the tongue.  There is definitely some citrus flavor that comes through — perhaps the lime zest referenced in the winemaker’s notes.  As the wine was open longer we thought we could taste more grapefruit flavors.  And the wine has a nice caramel finish at the end that is very pleasant.

Although the wine might have benefited from just a touch more acid we really have no complaints.  If you are looking for a white wine to accompany your Holiday dinner you should consider choosing this Raphael Riesling.

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