Osprey’s Dominion 2012 Riesling

Osprey's Dominion 2012 Riesling LabelA September 2014 Hamptons Wine Club Selection

When one thinks of New York State Riesling, thoughts often go to the Finger Lakes region.  However there are several good representations of the grape being made from Long Island-grown grapes.  Osprey’s Dominion grows four acres of Johannisberg Riesling grapes in its vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island.  This is one of the wines that was included in our September 2014 shipment to our members.

Bottled in a traditional brown bottle often found with some German Rieslings, the wine has a light gold or straw color typical with the grape.  We noticed a fragrance of apples with a trace of green peppers on the nose.  You won’t find the petrol accents that are often found in its German cousins; this wine is closer to the Rieslings being produced in Australia than in Germany.

If you have been put off by the sweetness often found with many Rieslings you should give this one a try.  We found it has a citrusy taste with a little bit of the green pepper we noted on the nose.  We weren’t able to find the mineral core noted by the winery.  It is a light wine, very easy to drink.  It will make a good aperitif as well as a nice accompaniment to a meal.

The wine is made from 100% Riesling grapes.  The 12% alcohol by volume is higher than a typical German Riesling but you can still have several glasses without worrying about stumbling away from the table.

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