Hone Your Wine Tasting Skills

Crimson color … light around the rim … notes of stone fruit … is this a foreign language to you? Then you might want to up your wine-tasting game. Read how below.

Vinepair.com logoAre you an aspiring wine geek? Or do you tend to drink wine with people who are wine geeks? Then we might be able to help.

There is no magic about tasting wine. On a very basic level either you like a wine or you don’t. But if you want to find other wines you might – or might not – like it is helpful to be able to describe what it is that you find appealing about the wine. That’s where some of the more formal aspects of “wine tasting” come in.

The folks over at Vinepair.com have put together some helpful tips  on how to become a more experienced taster. They take you through all of the basics: color, swirling, smelling and sipping. They even get into some more complex issues: acidity, tannins and oak.

Whether you’re new to wine or have been drinking it for years, you’re sure to find a nugget or two for the next time you open a bottle – like tonight!

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