Long Island Wines Shipped in June 2015

Summer is finally here.  That means beach days and barbeques.  We’ve put together some wines that should go well with both of these summer activities.

This Month’s Long Island Red Wines

Raphael 2010 La FontanaOur main red wine selection for June is Raphael‘s 2010 La Fontana Merlot.  The La Fontana is a classic Bordeaux-style blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, cabernet franc and petit verdot grapes with the merlot dominating the wine.

2010 was an excellent growing year.  This allowed the grapes to fully mature.  The wine has silky tannins and a flavor that is both complex and luscious.  It was aged for 18 months in French oak barrels.  This wine is a great value for its quality.

Palmer Vineyards 2013 SyrahOur second Long Island red wine selection for June is Palmer Vineyards‘ 2013 Syrah.  Not a lot of syrah is grown on Long Island so this wine is a treat.  The grape is often found in the Rhone valley of southern France and the Central Coast of California.  We think this wine will stand up to wines from either of those regions.

To start, you will find floral notes of violet and lavendar on the nose.  In the mouth, although the fruit is sweet it is balanced by acidity that results in a pleasing tanginess.  The wine is 100% syrah and was aged for 3 months in old barrels so the wine isn’t overwhelmed by an oaky flavor.


This Month’s Long Island White Wines

Jamesport Vineyards' East End Cinq BlancOur main Long Island white wine selection this month is Jamesport Vineyards‘ 2013 East End Cinq Blanc.  This year’s Cinq Blanc is a refreshing blend of riesling, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot blanc and gewurztraminer grapes.

The riesling makes up the majority of the blend, resulting in an orange creamsicle flavor.  As usual you will also find notes of orange and tangerine.  There are also hints of kiwi, white peach and papaya.

You will find this to be a very refreshing wine, perfect for sipping on your deck with friends at the end of the day.  Or chill it and take it along to the beach.  The fruitiness is a nice change of pace from a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc.  We’re sure you will really like it.

Osprey's Dominion 2012 RieslingFinally, our second selection of white Long Island wine is the 2012 Riesling from Osprey’s Dominion.  This wine is classic, 100% riesling fermented in stainless steel tanks.  It was allowed to sit for six months “sur lies” (the remains of the yeast) which gives the wine a delicious nutty flavor.

When you drink this wine you will also find the aromas flavors of apricots and citrus peel.  This is a delightfully floral wine.  It’s 12% alcohol level is higher than a typical German riesling, so even though you will find it very drinkable, sip, don’t gulp!

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