Long Island Wines Shipped In September

Hamptons Wine Club September 2014 Featured WinesMembers should already have received this month’s shipment of Long Island wines. We sent out some solid reds and whites this month and will be posting detailed tasting notes for the wines over the coming weeks.

This Month’s Red Wines

This month’s main red wine selection was Onabay Vineyards’ 2010 Great Blue Heron Merlot. 2010 is generally acknowledged as the best vintage for Long Island wines in the last decade. The Great Blue Heron is a medium-bodied wine with hints of plums, cherries and licorice. It is a blend of Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The wine was aged in French oak for 15 months. Although it can be cellared further, we’re looking forward to opening ours soon.

Members who ordered two or more bottles of red wine also received a Raphael Vineyards merlot, either the 2010 “La Fontana” or the 2010 “First Label”. Both are excellent examples of Long Island merlot. The La Fontana is a Bordeaux blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, cabernet franc and petit verdot. The First Label is almost all Merlot with just a touch of cabernet sauvignon. The La Fontana is more full-bodied due to the blend.

This Month’s White Wines

The main white wine selection for September is Osprey’s Dominion 2012 Riesling. Watch out — it has a higher alcohol content (12%) than most European rieslings, but we’re sure you will enjoy it nonetheless. You will find the typical apricot and citrus aromas. This will make a great aperitif as well as a great food wine.

And we threw in a bit of a curve ball with our second white selection this month. We think our members will be excited to open their bottle of Palmer Vineyards 2013 Rose of Merlot. Here at the Hamptons Wine Club we are big fans of rose; you’ll be seeing a lot more next year. We had several bottles of this Palmer rose this summer and were very favorably impressed. It’s a little darker than many roses but it is still bright with some acidity. Crack this one open while there is still a hint of summer in the air.

We encourage our members to share their thoughts on these wines after they’ve had a taste.


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