Premier Gift Series

For years the wines of Long Island have been the secret of those who live and vacation on the glorious North and South Forks of this exclusive playland. They have been hoarded by those insiders lucky enough to have access to the limited-production wineries. But now we are making these wines available to a small number of people outside of that special circle.

And it’s really quite affordable:


1 bottle
2 bottles
4 bottles

3 months
Only $ 89.97



Delight your favorite wine lover with a gift of delicious wines hand-selected from Long Island’s 50 family-owned artisanal wineries. Each month we pick our favorite wines from those we’ve tasted and send them to our members along with the winemakers’ tasting notes and detailed information about each wine.

This year Long Island was named Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast magazine and for good reason: the wines are delicious! Long Island wineries are small, family-owned businesses that make a limited amount of wine each year. This means we are able to taste a sample of almost every bottle produced each year. We whittle these down to the best of the best and share those wines with our members.

You can choose to send all red, all white, or a mix of both. And satisfaction is guaranteed; we’ll refund the cost of any unshipped bottles, no questions asked.

Ordering your gift is a snap. Make someone happy today!

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