The Perfect Wine Gift

Wine Glass With BowWhat should I get for my – husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, boss or even the bride and groom? We anguish over these decisions every year and try to figure out “that perfect gift”. How many hours do you spend meandering in and out of the stores at your local mall, only to become increasingly frustrated at either having to settle or knowing you will need to repeat this trek another day.

This cycle repeats itself year after year, gift recipient after gift recipient. Why not consider a gift of a wine club membership. It’s easy. It’s convenient. It creates a bit of the WOW factor. And there is a good chance you — as the gift giver — might even get a chance to sample the wine.

There are many different wine clubs out there delivering all types of wine. But the one thing they all have in common is that every month, every other month or four times per year a package of wine is delivered to your friend or loved one. You might think of it as the gift which keeps on coming. A tie or a sweater doesn’t compare to a series of wine shipments which elicit a smile every time they arrive.

A wine gift from The Hamptons Wine Club certainly fits this bill. Every month for 3, 4 or 6 months your friends or loved ones will be thinking of you as a shipment of this months’ wine is delivered to their doorstep. And just imagine the reaction when the package comes with a shipment of some of the same wine the celebrities of the Hamptons consume throughout the year.

The Hamptons Wine Club features wines from a variety of the 50 wineries located on Long Island. These wines have historically had limited distribution. But now you can give someone you love a very special gift which has been a secret far too long. Click on the “Give a Gift” tab above for more information.

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